Tracey Eaton

"And He took them in His arms and began blessing them, laying His hands on them." Mark 10:16



We believe people are incredibly important and valuable.  It is our passion to aid in health, wellness, and pain reduction through massage therapy techniques.  Our goal is to reduce need for addictive narcotic pain medications as well as NSAIDS which are known to have negative side effects on the body by promoting relaxation and the release of adhesions in tissue that limit mobility by compressing nerves, blood vessels and other vital structures.

In our practice we pray to Jesus requesting wisdom, leading and guidance in the techniques that will benefit each client most.  Our meditations are on the Bible and Biblical principals.  We also pray for each client (either silently or aloud based on client preference) during the session.  

These massage sessions are in no way sexual.  Every individual is treated with the utmost dignity and respect.  Modesty is honored and protected at all times by utilization of proper draping protocols.  Any individuals seeking sexual gratification of any sort during a session will be reported to the authorities and terminated immediately as a client.

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